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Sample Order

For your convenience we have enclosed a sample form letter which you can use to place your order.  Simply print out a copy of this page and fill in the blanks... and thanks very much for your order!


To:    Mimi Harvey
        16 Shadowlawn Dr.
        Asheville, NC 28806

Dear Mimi,

Here's my order for your cards:

Qty ____ Adam and Eve Qty ____ Ghana Marketplace Qty ____ Suzuki
Qty ____ Alligator Qty ____ Girl in Garden Qty ____ Tally Ho
Qty ____ Animal Circus Qty ____ Girls in Wagon Qty ____ The Dance
Qty ____ Animal Tea Party Qty ____ In the Jungle Qty ____ Three Cats
Qty ____ Animals Qty ____ In the Moonlight Qty ____ Three Irises
Qty ____ Ballerina Qty ____ Int'l Tea Party Qty ____ Tiger
Qty ____ Black Horse Qty ____ Koala Mama Qty ____ Twenty Teddies
Qty ____ Black Madonnai  Qty ____ Lion and Lamb Qty ____ Two Dachsies
Qty ____ Blackie Qty ____ Lion and Lambs Qty ____ VIllage Train
Qty ____ Boy with Chicken Qty ____ Matilda Qty ____ Water Lilies
Qty ____ Bunnies Qty ____ Mother Love Qty ____ Wilderness Express
Qty ____ Butterfly with Irises Qty ____ Noahs Ark  
Qty ____ Cat on Rug Qty ____ Oogie  
Qty ____ Cats and Flowers Qty ____ Peaceable Kingdom  
Qty ____ Cats Cats Cats Qty ____ Pink Flowers  
Qty ____ Cats in Hats Qty ____ Poppies  
Qty ____ Christmas Animals Qty ____ Primal Energy  
Qty ____ Daisies Qty ____ Prudence  
Qty ____ Dinosaurs Qty ____ Pugs  
Qty ____ Elephant Wedding Qty ____ Siamese Cat  
Qty ____ Epcat Qty ____ Siamese Cat 3  
Qty ____ Essence of Africa Qty ____ Siamese Cats  
Qty ____ Faithful Dog Qty ____ Sleepy Puppies  
Qty ____ Five Dachsies Qty ____ Snowball  
Qty ____ Flowers on Brown Qty ____ Snuggle  

I am enclosing payment of $2.95 per card (or $2.50 per card if I'm ordering more than 6 cards) plus $2.95 for shipping and handling.

Amount enclosed: $_______________

My shipping address is:

(name)  _________________________________

(street) _________________________________

(city)    _________________________________

(state) ______  (zip) ___________

(tel.) ________________________

(email) _________________________

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